As a leading bus charter company in Ontario, King Charters has always prioritized safety, efficiency, and regulatory compliance. With the new Electronic Logging Device (ELD) requirements coming into effect in Ontario, we want to inform our customers and partners about the changes and how King Charters is already ahead of the game. For the past two years, we’ve been using electronic logs with Samsara and Foresight Insurance Analytics software to ensure top-notch service. Additionally, we work with Knightsbridge, an independent compliance consultancy, to verify our adherence to regulatory standards.

Ontario’s ELD Requirements

The provincial government of Ontario first communicated the ELD requirements on November 1, 2021, which made it mandatory for commercial motor vehicle drivers operating within the province to use an ELD to record their hours of service. These regulations closely match the federal ELD mandate and took effect for certain commercial truck drivers on June 12, 2022. However, flexibility was extended to certain bus drivers operating exclusively in Ontario, allowing them to be temporarily exempt from using certified ELDs until July 1, 2023.

Starting from July 1, 2023, certain bus drivers, excluding school bus drivers, will be required to use certified ELDs to record their hours of service, provided they are not otherwise exempt under provincial requirements. A vehicle designed with a seating capacity of 10 or more passengers, excluding the driver, is considered a commercial motor vehicle (bus) in Ontario, unless it is operated for personal use without compensation.

Exemptions and Preparation

There are specific exemptions to the ELD requirements for commercial motor vehicles.

Exemptions to the ELD requirements in Ontario include:

  • CMV (Commercial Motor Vehicle) driven by a driver within 160 km radius of where they began their day and returns to the same location at which the driver began.
    A school bus.
  • A bus (excluding a school bus), temporarily exempt until July 1, 2023, after which time a certified ELD is required.
  • CMV operated by an operator under a certificate issued under section 191 of the Highway Traffic Act.
  • CMV that is the subject of a rental agreement of no longer than 30 days that is not an extended or renewed rental of the same vehicle.
  • CMV manufactured before the model year 2000.
  • CMV being driven for the purpose of sale or lease by a person in the business of selling, leasing, or transporting vehicles, so long as the vehicle is unladed and is not drawing any other vehicle, other than an unladen motor vehicle with one or more sets of wheels on the surface of the roadway (such as drive-away/tow-away operations).
  • CMV that is exempt from Hours of Service requirements defined in Regulation 555/06 (Hours of Service).

Bus carriers in Ontario are advised to research device options and ensure that any ELD procured is a certified device approved by Transport Canada. Penalties, including fines and points that can affect safety ratings, will be issued for non-compliance after July 1, 2023.

King Charters: Committed to Compliance and Safety

At King Charters, we have already been using electronic logs for the past two years, well ahead of the upcoming requirement. Our software of choice includes Samsara and Foresight Insurance Analytics, which have helped us maintain a high level of safety and efficiency in our operations. By staying ahead of the curve, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service while adhering to industry regulations and safety standards.

To further ensure our compliance, we have partnered with Knightsbridge, an independent compliance consultancy. Their expertise helps us verify that we meet all regulatory requirements and maintain the highest level of safety for our passengers and drivers. By working with Knightsbridge, King Charters demonstrates our commitment to transparency and accountability in our operations.

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As the deadline for mandatory ELD requirements in Ontario approaches, King Charters wants to assure our customers and partners of our ongoing dedication to safety, compliance, and quality service. By using electronic logs with cutting-edge software like Samsara and Foresight Insurance Analytics, and partnering with Knightsbridge for independent compliance verification, we continue to lead the way in the bus charter industry. If you have any questions or concerns about the new ELD requirements or our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help and make your experience with King Charters the best it can be.